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Hello! my name is Joshua 


I am a cinematographer, collaborator, observer, listener, cold brew drinker, La Croix hater, celluloid fiend, artist


I fell in love with cinematography while in school shooting 35mm film stills. There were only so many exposures in a roll and not a lot of money in my pockets, so every single frame was precious.

As I started to work as a cinematographer, I found I could carry that same level of importance with me, but with a story in motion.


That mentality provides me now with the same spontaneity and vigor as it did when I developed my first roll of film. I strive to share those values in my work and in my collaboration with others with each new project.



I currently reside in the Bay Area, CA. I'm beyond thankful to be a part of a community so full of creative energy. 


While I love it here, I also love discovering the same energy working with people and in places like LA, New York, and London.

If you're ever in town or even across the globe don't be afraid to say hi!




Before I started shooting, I came up as a technician working with some of the best gaffers and key grips in the Bay Area. By working under them I was able to observe a variety of cinematographers and how they worked. I gained a deeper understanding of lighting and composition and was able to apply that knowledge to projects I was DP'ing on the side. 


For a few years, I worked primarily as a gaffer on narrative shorts, features, music videos and commercials but soon the DP work on the side started to pick up and I finally made the transition to work solely as a cinematographer. 


To justify that decision, I bought a super 16mm film camera with some friends. And while it might not have been the most popular camera to shoot with at the time, exposing film always felt the most natural to me. The format forced me to work with more focus on every single job, no matter film or digital. 

Now, I work on a variety of projects as a cinematographer always looking forward to discovering new ways to tell stories with new artists. 

I think cinematography acts as a gateway for communication to flow between people of different cultures and upbringings. Its a universal language. 


With the right mix of lighting, movement, and energy in front of the camera,  raw moments can appear in front of us, genuine and full of truth. Capturing those moments and presenting them to others allows us to share that experience or that emotion and I think that is pretty magical way to connect to this world. Its the reason why I am a cinematographer. 





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